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1-2 Bed Rooms 

3-4 Bed Rooms  5-6 Bed Rooms
Land 10,000SQFT 20,000SQFT Over 40,000SQFT





1-2 Bed Rooms    
3-4 Bed Rooms     
Rodney Heights   This luxury two storey home is a must see. Situated among the hills of Rodney Heights it enjoys beautiful views of the Rodney Bay area and out to the Caribbean Sea.
Gilbert's House

Address: Coubaril Estate

Price: US$250,000

Coubaril Villa   This is a modern, four bedroom family home with a 25'x 14' swimming pool, lovely inside/outside terrace....
 Villa Le Palmier    This beautiful, newly built (completed in January 2006) three bedroom, four and a half bathroom home is situated high in the hills of Cap Estate,..... 
5-6 Bed Rooms (+)    
Vigie Apartments  

Address: Vigie Peninsular

Apartment building

4 two bedroom apartments

Price: US$475,000

Over 40,000SQFT    




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